AddictionsAddiction is a condition in which the body must have a drug or continue a particular behavior to avoid physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

During the first stage, dependence, an individual’s search for a drug or means to continue a behavior consumes their life. The addict then develops a tolerance, which forces them to consume larger and larger amounts of drugs or increase their behavior to get the same effect as they did when they first began. It is at this point that the risk of addiction increases significantly.

Whether it be substance dependence (e.g. drug or alcohol addiction) or behavioral addiction (e.g. gambling or sex addiction), addicts are no longer able to control the aspects of the addiction without assistance. Even if they become aware of the negative effects the addiction has on their health and relationships, they continue to use.

It is exceptionally difficult to overcome addiction because addicts depend on their substance or behavior to cope with daily life and the symptoms of withdrawal are so unpleasant.

However, many people have overcome their addictions, and you can too. We are here to help.


There are various methods used in addiction treatment, from treatment programs to self-help groups, but no single treatmentDrug addiction counseling is appropriate for everyone. Some may be more effective for you than others.

We offer behavioral therapy for you and your family to assist in the therapeutic treatment process. Let us help you through relapse prevention and a variety of emotion withdrawal symptoms including:


If you are struggling with addiction, give us at call at (320) 223-0503. Our compassionate counselors are here when you need us, regardless of what your addiction may be.

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