The Holiday season!

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Here we are in the week after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means Christmas is only days away. Everyone is feeling the rush of the holidays. Here are some tips, that you’ve probably heard many times, but are worth repeating!

1- Make a list of presents that need to be bought and stick to it. This could also mean setting a budget if that is a concern.

2- Attending parties.- Decide ahead of time which parties you want to attend and skip the less important ones. You are not obligated to attend every one. A cautionary tale once you are at the party, take it easy on food and drink. This helps keep you in control and you are less likely to do things you regret.

3- Take time for yourself. We often forget to take care of ourselves when things are extremely busy. Make sure you keep up with your own obligations. and make sure you fit at least 10 minutes a day of time for yourself. This could be reading, taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, or watching tv.

4- Families- We tend to see members of our family that we normally don’t see the rest of the year. This can be a good time or it can be stressful. If you know you are going to run into that difficult relative, tell yourself that you are not going to talk about that thing, such as the election, that will guarantee an argument. Do your venting after the party.

5- Grieving. If the Holiday season makes you long for a deceased loved one, find a way to honor their memory and acknowledge the feeling. There is no time limit on grieving. Everyone grieves in their own way.

With that, I wish everyone a great Holiday, whichever one you celebrate!

cookAdminThe Holiday season!